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Crossing Over: The Ugly Truth Behind Illegal Immigration

The Democrats will learn one way or another, that pandering to illegals is essentially making a deal with the cartels. And as we all know, making a deal with the devil isn’t a wise thing to do.

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I grew up in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, just 30 minutes from the Mexican border. My mother is Mexican American and was born in Donna, Texas, where recently James O’Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, discovered a facility that houses illegal aliens and was closed to journalists or the public. 

I was born in Venezuela, with a Venezuelan father, but my mother brought me to Texas when I was 10 years old. However, my migration here was because of unfortunate circumstances (my parents’ divorce is not a typical reason to emigrate). Because my mother is a US citizen, I acquired my citizenship through her. I have knowledge of the two cultures, so I can speak on this subject quite well. I also know what it’s like to come to a country where you don’t speak the language and fitting in is difficult. I have never been one to claim to be a victim, so I prevailed, learned English, and assimilated.

When I was in elementary school, I remember ladies coming from Mexico for the week to work as maids and then going back across the border on the weekend. Folks would often wonder if they would come back on Monday since the situation was volatile. Most of these women had no intention of staying in America, they merely wanted to work and take their money back with them.  These, as they say, were the good old days!

The situation at the border is getting worse by the minute. Politicians love to blame each other for the crisis but when it comes to solving the problem at the core, neither party offers a solution. Simply putting a band-aid on an open wound only delays the inevitable: an infection so severe that it will begin to gangrene and amputation will be the only solution. Well, the infection has already started to set in on our southern borders. 

Illegal Immigration in the US border
Crossing Over: The Ugly Truth Behind Illegal Immigration
Children in detention centers (EFE)

To understand why they come, we have to ask what is making them come? At first glance, it appears to be that the Democrats want them as potential voters, so they allow them entry, while the Republicans want them to get in line and follow a legal process. The problem with this posturing is that it is merely the band-aid approach. The true culprit is organized crime. That’s right, criminals making money on the people that cross over and the drugs that are allowed to pass through undetected. Illegal immigration is a big business and as long as the criminals are allowed to get away with it, the illegals will continue to pour in and overwhelm our Border Patrol.

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We’ve known about the coyotes for a while, but we were under the impression that this was only a criminal element in the act of crossing. We had no idea that they were involved at every stage of the process. A process that begins in distant countries in Central America and involves the motivation of people to cross in the first place.

In the March 2021 publication of the Texas Public Policy Foundation Research by Josh Jones and Cole Reynolds, they claim that criminal organizations are largely responsible for the violence that permeates Mexico, and what they call the “Northern Triangle”, the countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. The violence, according to Jones and Reynolds, is the reason these people leave and come here. 

Their research goes on to say that organized crime is divided into two categories: Transnational criminal gangs (TCOs) and transnational gangs (TGs). The summary goes on to say that TCO’s are complex organizations that exist for the purpose of perpetrating crimes on a worldwide scale for monetary benefit, but the TGs are in control of geographic areas of Central America and the USA and engage in extortion, kidnapping, and drug trafficking within those areas.

Families leave because of the violence that is in many instances brutal riddled with extortion and because the job market is so unstable, the unemployed are forced to either participate and join gangs or migrate to the USA to seek a better life. 

Because of the vulnerability of someone trying to escape, these gangs charge a fee, called a “piso”.  They make money and they also cause enough of a disturbance that the Border Patrol is overwhelmed with not only trying to stop the people from coming in but also feeding and housing. These gangs know the difficulty in keeping up with the masses, and they count on the distraction.  They were salivating at the thought of a Biden presidency so it would be easier to overwhelm the immigration system.

The only way to stop the infection is to clean up the wound and sew it up. It’s time our elected officials get serious about the problem. Donald Trump closed the border (for the most part) but he didn’t stop the infection. We spend a great deal of money in countries that hate us across thousands of miles. We also deploy our military on countries that cannot change their hearts or minds, even if we try. We must let the Mexican and Northern Triangle governments know that we will not be held hostage by their mafia and at first issue sanctions but as a last resort use our military to stop them. 

The Democrats will learn one way or another, that pandering to illegals is essentially making a deal with the cartels. And as we all know, making a deal with the devil isn’t a wise thing to do.

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