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Alfonso Cuarón and Charlize Theron Team Up to Create a Film about Writer Philip K. Dick

Alfonso Cuarón y Charlize Theron se juntan para crear una película sobre el escritor Philip K. Dick

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Mexican director Alfonso Cuarón and Australian actress Charlize Theron will work together on a film about science fiction writer Philip K. Dick that will have the support of Amazon Studios.

According to an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter, the project is still in very early stages. Still, it has the support of the writer’s daughter, Isa Hackett, and its script will focus on how the author was affected by the death of his twin sister six weeks after birth.

The film will be titled “Jane,” which was the name of Dick’s sister.

Cuarón and Theron will produce the film with Hackett, but the filmmaker will also direct the movie, and the actress will play a leading role.

Amazon has described the film as a poignant, suspenseful, and darkly humorous story about a woman’s relationship with her brilliant but troubled twin, the celebrated novelist Philip K. Dick.

Born in Chicago in 1928, Philip K. Dick is one of the essential science fiction writers. His stories have inspired numerous audiovisual productions, such as the emblematic “Blade Runner,” based on “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”

“Minority Report” is also based on another short story by the author titled “The Minority Report,” and the series “The Man in the High Castle” is an adaptation of a novel by the same name.

For his part, and after winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film with “Roma” (2018), Cuarón will combine this project with the series he is preparing for Apple TV+, “Disclaimer,” which will star Sacha Baron Cohen and Cate Blanchett.

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