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‘The People of Cuba Need Help’: Dariel Fernandez Presents Petitions for Cuba to the White House

Cuba, El American

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“When there is a dictatorship that cuts off the Internet, it is because it does not want the world to know what is happening. The people of Cuba need help right now,” said GOP activist Dariel Fernández during an exclusive interview with El American in which he announced that on Monday, July 26, he will present a series of petitions to Joe Biden’s administration in front of the White House.

“We need you to help us free Cuba. As Secretary of State Anthony Blinken has said, there are no better ambassadors for freedom than the Cuban Americans,” reads the document that Fernández will present in Washington and to which El American had access.

The leader’s proposal includes the immediate demand that Miguel Díaz-Canel resigns and hand over power to the people, “so that the next president of Cuba can be elected by the citizens”, the petition details. There have never been free elections in Cuba since 1959.

Likewise, Dariel Fernández will insist that the Biden administration categorically refuse to negotiate with the Cuban dictatorship, and instead, will request that it “lead a humanitarian intervention for the ‘Freedom’ and security of the citizens”.

Among other requests of the Republican politician is to provide a means of communication for Cubans inside the island, due to the lack of Internet. In addition, he will demand the immediate release of all political prisoners.

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Fernández will also request that the Cuban people respect their fundamental human rights such as water, electricity and food, as well as freedom of expression.

For the Republican, the Biden administration has taken many “false steps” in its Cuban policy. “It has not wanted to act as one really acts when a dictator murders people in the streets. In fact, those who are advising the president in the White House do not know the reality of the Cuban people. Biden is relying on people who have no idea what is happening on the island right now,” he said.

Dariel Fernández - protests in Cuba - El American
Demonstrators for Cuba’s freedom in the U.S. (EFE/Jeffrey Arguedas)

Dariel Fernández: Socialism destroyed Venezuela and Nicaragua

“The U.S. government has to know that the Castro regime is not only a problem for Cuba, it is also a problem for the region”. Fernandez asserted that everything that is happening in Nicaragua, Venezuela and even Colombia is due to the influence of Castroism and “socialist communism that has destroyed all those countries.”

The Republican leader insisted on the importance of not confusing the message that “Cubans at this moment simply want to have a better future,” since “that can only be achieved by having Liberty.”

“What happened in Cuba last July 11 was expected by many for decades, but unexpected by others. The fact that young people in Cuba are being oppressed and do not have ‘Freedom’ will mark the recent history of the island,” Fernandez pointed out.

Cuba, El American
There are 699 persons detained or missing for protesting in Cuba, according to the latest Cuba Decide report. (EFE)

Almost 700 people detained or missing amid Cuban protests

“The socialist and communist system has never worked and will never work,” he said. During the interview for El American, the Republican insisted that the international community must understand that the blame for everything that has happened in the last 62 years in Cuba is due to the Castro regime, which “took over the island in 1959”.

The political leader assured that the socio-economic debacle that Cuba is experiencing is not due to the embargo that the United States maintains on the country.

Dariel Fernández also detailed that one of the detonating factors for the July 11 protests in Cuba was due to the millions of young people born under the Castro dictatorial regime who realized -thanks to technology- that they can have a life full of opportunities.

“The Cuban people woke up and realized that everything has been a scam by the Cuban regime, they have always been told that their problems were due to the U.S. embargo and Cubans realized that this is a lie,” he emphasized.

Cuba, El American
There have been many protests around the world in favor of Cuba’s freedom (EFE)

Dariel Fernández shared what he felt since the protests began on the island on July 11. At first, he was overwhelmed with joy to see the people raising their voices after so much suffering, living in such extreme conditions for decades. But soon after, he was overcome with sadness when Díaz-Canel ordered the police forces to confront the citizens.

“We saw how Cubans who defend the dictatorship were able to kidnap defenseless young people and force other Cubans to beat their own people because of a dictator like murderer Díaz-Canel who ordered them to do it that way,” Fernández concluded.