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Cuba Received 18,000 Pounds of Food and Medicine From Leftist Organizations

Cuba recibió 18,000 libras de alimentos y medicinas enviados por Code Pink y organizaciones de izquierda

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Cuba received this Friday a shipment of 18,000 pounds of canned tuna, pasta and medicines sent by leftist organizations from the United States such as Code Pink, Puentes de Amor and The People’s Forum.

The donation will be distributed to the population of the eastern provinces and is in addition to other aid sent in past months by Russia, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Bolivia and other countries, despite the fact that according to the Cuban dictatorship the United States has them under a “blockade” that prevents the arrival of food and medicines.

The Foreign Ministry of the dictatorship thanked on Twitter for the aid and pointed out that it “shows that there is a path of solidarity, exchange and genuine support between the peoples of Cuba and the United States”.

In July, the NGO Global Health Partners sent 1.7 million syringes to support vaccination against covid-19 on the island.

Humanitarian aid is a sensitive issue for the dictatorship, which generally only accepts shipments from ideologically sympathetic organizations and countries.

Last July, the dictatorship criticized a campaign that went viral on social media to ask for a humanitarian corridor in the face of the health emergency resulting from one of the worst outbreaks of the pandemic.

Food shortages, precarious conditions in hospitals, the economic crisis aggravated in recent years, and the lack of basic freedoms and democracy for more than 60 years were some of the triggers for the massive anti-government protests of July 11.

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