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Cuban Security Forces Kill Protester in Havana

Fuerzas de seguridad cubanas asesinan un manifestante en La Habana

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A man was killed by Cuban security forces on Monday in a suburb of Havana amid raging anti-communist protests across the city.

He was a 36-year-old citizen who was participating in a protest in the Güinera Popular Council of the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, in the south of the capital, as part of the demonstrations against the dictatorship that began on Sunday in several localities of the island.

In addition to the deceased, several people were detained and others suffered injuries in the event in La Güinera.

Monday’s protest in that neighborhood, one of the most depressed areas of Havana, was broadcast in several videos through social networks, despite the fact that the dictatorship has kept the internet connection cut since Sunday.

The images only show dozens of people advancing through the streets shouting slogans such as “freedom” or “a united people will never be defeated.”

Monday’s demonstration in Guinera came a day after thousands took to the streets in several cities to protest against the dictatorship.

There were clashes with injuries and numerous arrests, which according to the international organization Human Rights Watch exceeded 150, most of them unaccounted for.

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