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Group of Cuban Exiles Rejects Negotiations Between Biden Admin and ‘Communist Tyranny’

"La migración hacia Estados Unidos, particularmente bajo administraciones demócratas, ha sido utilizada tantas veces por la dictadura castrista como arma política que se hace tristemente predecible la maniobra", señaló el grupo en un comunicado.

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The Cuban Resistance Assembly, which groups several opposition organizations from inside and outside the island, expressed its rejection on Tuesday to the beginning of talks on the migration crisis between the Biden Administration and the “communist tyranny.”

Officials from Joe Biden’s administration will hold a meeting on Thursday in Washington with a Cuban delegation to address the increase of undocumented immigrants from the island apprehended at the southern border.

The assembly recalled that “the Castro regime is a regime that violates human rights and has committed and continues to commit crimes against humanity” and therefore “these negotiations send a message of weakness and not of support to the Cuban people, at a time when the struggle for freedom is progressively increasing in the country.”

The group of opposition organizations recalled that after the protests in Cuba on July 11, 2021, and the series of massive trials and convictions of demonstrators that they have provoked, the exchange between officials of both countries “constitutes a real gift to a dictatorship that should be punished for its oppression of the Cuban people.”

The Cuban Resistance Assembly also pointed out that the increase in the arrival of Cubans to the United States “is not at all surprising,” since it is the result of a “migratory pressure that the regime has exerted against the American government in recent months” as an “escape valve” in the face of the “rebelliousness of the Cuban people.”

“Migration to the United States, particularly under Democratic administrations, has been used so many times by the Castro dictatorship as a political weapon that the maneuver is sadly predictable,” the group said in a statement.

It also recalled that the Cuban government has expressed its full support for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

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