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Cubans in Miami Lead Massive March to Protest Biden

Hundreds of people joined the march with Cuban and American flags and slogans such as “Let’s Go Brandon,” “Impeach Biden” and “No to Communism”

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The Cuban community in Miami led a massive caravan this weekend in rejection of the immigration and economic policies of the Biden administration.

With Cuban and U.S. flags and slogans such as “Let’s Go Brandon,” “Impeach Biden” and “No to Communism,” hundreds of people joined the call of Cuban-born activist Alexander Otaola, who organized and led the demonstration.

“Governing badly (…) cannot be an option in a country of freedom,” said Otaola in a live broadcast during the beginning of the caravan. “Governing badly and doing it in collusion with the most left-wing part of the Democratic Party, which has kidnapped the interests of that party, cannot be.” 

The Cuban-American presenter was promoting the call for several days through his social networks and live broadcasts.

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