El papel de Cuba en la subversión continental: una conversación con Ron Aledo

Cuba’s Role in Continental Subversion: A Conversation with Ron Aledo

Democratic security risks in the Western Hemisphere, stemming from Communist intelligence operations

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El American had the opportunity to talk with Ron Aledo, former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) senior analyst contractor. A graduate of the United States Army Logistics School, the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare School (NC), and holder of a master’s degree in International Relations, he has broad expertise in subject matters such as mass communications, influence operations, negotiations, public affairs, and opinion campaigns and political-cultural advisory, foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations, and communications strategies.

Ron Aledo served as senior intelligence advisor to the Afghan National Police, acting as the personal envoy to the Afghan general in charge of strategic analysis. Additionally, he prepared intelligence memos for White House Officials including DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, served as liaison with foreign government agencies, as well as developing a host of advisory functions with multinational corporations on security matters.

The interview focused on Aledo´s assessment of democratic security risks in the Western Hemisphere, stemming from Communist Cuba’s subversive intelligence operations. The over 20 years’ experience and specialization by this distinguished army veteran and senior intelligence officer, sheds enormous light on Cuban communism’s commitment to expand Marxist tyranny to all corners of the continent.

The point was stressed, that this has been the case since the inception of the Island’s communist takeover, acting first as a foot soldier for international socialism at the direct service of the USSR, and later as its main instigator following communism’s mutation with the fall of Soviet communism. 

El American is proud to continue its unwavering support for freedom and offering interactive sessions like this informative conversation, as part of our short interview series. 

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