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Culture War: Why Are Latinos Abandoning the Progressive Ship?

Cultural War: Why the Latino Community Is Abandoning the Progressive Ship?

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Many politicians continue to make progressive promises in order to reach out to the Latino community. However, Emmanuel Rincon in his weekly show, Culture War, explains how Hispanics have changed the way they view politics. He assures that Latinos want to be freer and have the possibility to build their own wealth without the interference of the big states.

Cultural War: Why Latinos are abandoning the progressive ship?

“Many Hispanics abhor paternalistic states because they have come to understand that the path to individual responsibility is the one that generates the greatest benefits for all. The future for this community is quite promising. Latin Americans are getting tired of being the stupid ones in the story, of being run over by the rulers, and of feeding their work to the bureaucrats. No more paternalism or empty promises,” said Rincón.

Likewise, he assured that Latino citizens in the United States have tried to convince them with progressive ideas that the state is capable of solving their lives by redistributing wealth. He argued that this discourse of class struggle and socialism does not generate emotions in a large part of the Hispanic community, since they have escaped from countries that have been ruined by the implementation of collectivist policies.

Rincón explained that, for example, the most radical socialist wing of the Democrats went so far as to promise the abolition of capitalism. Despite these efforts, the outcome has not been positive, as a good part of the Hispanic community does not support politicians who use the power of the state to threaten the producers of wealth to “live like kings off the resources they take from citizens through taxes, confiscation or expropriation.”

“Millions of Latin Americans have experienced this tragic situation in their home countries in the past. They had to flee and leave their families behind. The redistribution of wealth, the subtraction of resources from some to give to others ended up impoverishing all but the rulers and their group of friends”, he pointed out.

Cultural war: Latinos want freedom without progressive promises

He also explained that Hispanics who have emigrated hate feeling that they are at the mercy of the politicians in office, they are not interested in the policies of the oppressed and do not want a welfare state to solve everything. He indicated that Latinos only want to have freedom, without a government that tells them what to think and is only dedicated to ensuring that the rights of its citizens are respected.

Cultural War - El American
Cultural war: Latino community has developed the American economy. (Flickr)

“The stupid Latin American is no longer stupid. Attracted in the past by this vengeful discourse, he has learned his lesson. He no longer wants to be treated as incapable, useless, a parasite of the ruling class. Now he wants to stand on his own”.

Finally, Rincón explained that the Latino community has become the main driver of the American economy. This despite being a minority: “It is the most entrepreneurial and is one of the largest generators of wealth in the United States. Hispanics are entrepreneurs by nature. Many come to the country not only with the intention of working for someone else, but also to start their own businesses.

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