Cultural War: Violar la libertad de expresión pone en riesgo la democracia

Culture War: Violating Free Speech Puts Democracy At Risk

Emmanuel Rincón explains how freedom has played a fundamental role in building a powerful society

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In the midst of Big Tech censorship and the attempt by congressional Democrats to manipulate the government to prevent the emergence of conservative media in Miami, Emmanuel Rincón, Editor-at-Large at El American, analyzes in Culture War the importance that freedom of speech has had in the United States.

“If you don’t allow people, supposedly, of opposing ideology access the mass media, you are killing the First Amendment of the American Constitution. Unfortunately for lovers of freedom and America, what is happening in South Florida is not an isolated event,” Rincon said in his vblog.

He also explains how freedom has played a fundamental role in the Constitution and in building a powerful American society, and that trying to prevent conservatives from having access to the media puts democracy at risk.

“If the absolute domination that the party has over the media and social networks is coupled with the latest attempt for conservative people to access, buy or set up their radio stations or their social networks, we can assert that democracy is at stake.”

Likewise, he details that the recent actions of members of the Democratic Party demonstrate that a part of the political society of the United States intends to impose new reforms to the Constitution to infringe freedom of expression.

“One of the two parties in the American system has decided that the time has come to question and, if possible, amend, or even eliminate, the first amendments to the American Constitution. Those same ones that shaped the world’s most powerful and successful society,” Rincon argued.

Rincón explains in Cultural War how the constitution is based on freedom (Flickr)

Cultural War on Big Tech Censorship

Rincón also addressed James O’Keefe’s censorship on Twitter after he posted videos in which a CNN director confessed that the channel had run a campaign to oust President Trump. He stressed that many of the television networks have become boosters of the Democratic agenda.

“The attempt to control the media and public opinion is not new. It is no mystery that most major news networks in the country have become political arms of the Democratic Party. The New York Times, CNN, The Washington Post, NBC, CBS, Telemundo, and Univision create a uniform liberal narrative, supported by Big Tech”.

Finally, Rincón referred to the Democrats’ court-packing. He indicated that the measure proposed by the Democratic Party, which introduced a bill in the House of Representatives that would allow the president to add four justices to the Supreme Court, would have the purpose of counterbalancing the current conservative majority with progressive judges.

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