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Culture War: Absolute Equality Will End Up Destroying the Human Race

Culture War: La igualdad absoluta, destruiría la raza humana

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The progressive agenda promotes absolute equality. The left attacks everything that means development and individual wealth. In this installment of Culture War, Emmanuel Rincón discusses how inequality is the only way for societies to progress and protect freedom.

For Emmanuel, equality is a way to curtail citizens’ freedoms. He explains how China and Russia have managed to subdue their societies using the narrative of a supposed equality. He says that imposing such equality would kill the human race.

“When they tell you that inequality is bad, they are telling you that your individuality is a sin, that your thoughts are forbidden,” he explains. “What they are really doing is assassinating your freedoms, your sacred right to act as an individual in your own life. It is not an exaggeration to say that absolute equality would destroy the human race.”

Likewise, Emmanuel detailed that without inequality the greatest advances of humanity would not have been made because its citizens would not have innovated to achieve it and highlighted that in countries where inequality and freedom are respected is where there is more progress.

“In societies where inequality is appreciated, is where the best ideas and technologies of the modern era have emerged. Where competition and individual preparedness have been encouraged, is where the best inventions that make our lives better have flourished.”

The cost of absolute equality

In that sense, he says that if innovators had been punished for thinking differently, human beings would be living in caves and dying of colds. Hence, the importance of allowing self-development to contribute to the progress of countries.

“Equality is not only materially impossible, it should be a crime to prosecute. The road to equality is actually a highway to reprisal. A vehicle to extinguish the human species.”

Emmanuel is therefore certain that the world does not need more equality, but more individual initiative, more respect for human freedoms and less intervention by governments and pointed out that societies thrive on competition. Without inequality there is no entrepreneurship and without entrepreneurs there is no progress in society, he says.

“Every action to equalize not only assassinates someone else’s freedoms but in turn propitiates a social and economic system whose only end can be misery, hunger, and exploitation by those who claim to be defenders of equality,” he added.

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