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Culture War: Here’s Why Latin American Leaders Have Failed to End Socialism

Culture War: el error de los líderes latinoamericanos para acabar con el socialismo

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Socialism continues to gain ground in Latin America. In response, Emmanuel Rincon, Editor-at-Large at El American, analyzes in Culture War the errors of Latin American leaders who claim to oppose progressivism. He points out that it has become common to look for historical facts to blame for current problems.

Culture War: the mistake of Latin American leaders to end socialism

“In our time, historical victimization to avoid individual responsibility has become a daily occurrence. For many thinkers it is easier to blame the Spaniards for the poverty of Latin America”, says Emmanuel.

Similarly, he recounts his experience at the “Presidential Forum in Defense of Democracies” and how none of the leaders who participated thought to talk about the lack of competence and the failures in the academic preparation of citizens. Nor did they comment on the importance of strong businesses, open markets and creating strong economies.

“The most used word was that of blessed inequality. Everyone, without exception, used it to refer to what is relatively wrong with Latin America,” he noted.

Culture War and the socialist recipe

In this sense, Rincón said that it is worrying to continue listening to the same recipe that has led the continent to poverty and Third Worldism. The same one that says that the only one that can put an end to inequalities in the government.

“It seems that Latin American leaders find it difficult to understand that the monster to be defeated is poverty and not inequality. And that the wealth of some is not the cause of poverty for others”.

Finally, he explains that the political crises that have occurred in the continent have been because there is no willingness to take measures different from those promoted by the progressives. “The latest political crises we have seen in Chile, Ecuador and Colombia, have similar components with presidents who claim to oppose 21st-century socialism, but end up using the same failed policies of their supposed enemies”, states Emmanuel in his new installment of Culture War.

1 thought on “Culture War: Here’s Why Latin American Leaders Have Failed to End Socialism”

  1. Continue to travel the same old tired Anti Social Democracy Rabbit Hole ( Stalin, Mao, Castro, Minh, North Korea ) and no mention of the real harm of Catholicism and USA Latin America Policy in the region ( Monroe Doctrine, Gunboat Diplomacy by Teddy Roosevelt, Mexican Revolution in the 1910’s with Pancho Villa & Emiliano Zapata, Augusto Sandino in Nicaragua, Cuba with Castro and Guevara in the 1950’s, Central America in the 1970’s and 80’s which finally ended with Manual Noriega in 1989. ). Meanwhile the USA doesn’t send the CIA and our military into white European countries the way they did in Asia, Latin America and Africa. Never did, not even during the volatile 1930’s when communism and fascism were real threats there! Why can’t there be or shouldn’t be a Spanish speaking Netherlands, Germany, or Canada? Why is Latin America made up of 20 different Spanish speaking countries BTW? ( Divide and Conquer reasons here? )

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