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Culture War: How Long Will We Accept Woke Doctrines?

Culture War: ¿Hasta cuándo vamos a seguir de rodillas aceptando las doctrinas woke?

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The progressive agenda is gaining strength in the world. With it, also advances the threat to the individual freedoms of citizens and the woke doctrines. El American’s Emmanuel Rincón analyzes in this installment of Culture War how progressivism has changed the world and how it advances in its narrative, which goes against everything that is rational.

“The world changed and we didn’t see it. They changed it and we didn’t want to listen. Until now we are reacting after a long lethargy. From one moment to the next, the shredder of progressive thought took over the publishing industry, Hollywood, the universities and the great fields of influence,” Emmanuel tells us.

Rincón explains we are facing a world that has lost the absolute understanding of reality. He assures that the “progressive thought shredder” targets the underage public because it is the way to impose their agenda. Likewise, he highlighted that they use institutions to manipulate with their narratives and drag masses.

“A statement as stupid as assuring that men menstruate or asserting that classical music is complicit in white supremacy would get the intellectual author expelled from any moderately serious academic institution.”

He also commented that progressives do not talk about statistics because they do not need them, they only look for idols that repeat the sentence of their patrons. “The denaturalization of the human being started a long time ago. Progressivism no longer talks about economics or facts because they are not interested in them. For them, it is beneficial that the political debate does not cross the economic frontier and settles in culture.”

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Culture War warns how woke doctrines are advancing in children (Image: Flickr)

Woke Doctrines

On individual liberties, Rincón explained that progressives hate the individual because they need the masses to push their ideologies and also abhor those who do not share their corrupt world.

In that sense, he assured that those who do not agree with that ideology should ask themselves what they are doing to confront it and that it is necessary to raise our voices and not allow them to denature us.

“What may seem to us daily a crazy nonsense, carries with it a well-implemented agenda to shred common sense and turn human beings into a dumb, weak and confused herd; waiting for party guidelines”.

Finally, he pointed out that it is necessary to advance in the defense of individual liberties. And that it must be done before it is too late and there is no more freedom.

“Let us enforce our individual freedoms. This is not an ideological struggle, nor is it about political battles for power. It is about common sense. It is about not allowing the day to come when we have to ask for permission to dissent or even just to breathe.”

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