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Culture War: Neo-Marxism Can Only Succeed with the Destruction of Western Values

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In the midst of the manipulation of neo-Marxism, Emmanuel Rincón, editor-at-large at El American, recalls in Culture War the history of socialism and how it has been formed until reaching the cultural battle.

Emmanuel explains that the mission of neo-Marxism is to attack Western values to impose a new social model. He emphasized that neo-Marxism identifies itself in different ways (social democracy, progressive, etc.), but in the end, it is the same Marxism.

He also explains that “Cultural neo-Marxism is the principle of following the notions and thoughts of Karl Marx, moving away from the economic aspect to focus on the psychological, sociological and cultural aspects.”

Similarly, Emmanuel referred to the doctrine of the Frankfurt School, a German school of Social Theory and Critical Philosophy and explained that those who participated in the school established using victimization to reach power.

He states that “victimization is one of the fundamental elements of neo-Marxism. The implantation of the idea that the media are at the service of classes and that they must take power to own the truth is a common theme.”

He stressed that the members of the school were failures. For example, Walter Benjamin was said to live off his family’s money and was unable to prepare his own food. He turned from Judaism to Marxism to lead a life of economic failure and loneliness, until he committed suicide. However, he pointed out, Benjamin is now a point of reference for socialist politicians.

Neo-Marxism and Antonio Gramsci

Emmanuel also explains to us that it was Antonio Gramsci who promoted the idea of a cultural battle and that is how one of his main postulates was born: the conquest of cultural power is prior to that of political power.

“And this is achieved through the concerted action of the so-called organic intellectuals, infiltrated in all the media, expression and universities,” he commented.

For the Italian, one of the things that prevented the triumph of communism were Western values and for this reason he said that these should be defeated. “That is why communism is openly atheist, everything Western had to be defeated from within, God and Catholicism being one of the objectives to be overthrown.”

Emmanuel closes his most recent installment of Culture War by reminding us that the Frankfurt School also proposed to do away with the family and its structure. This is why, he says, neo-Marxism makes all the “struggles” of minorities its own, but in the end it is not because it is interested in them, but because they are a means to come to power and put an end to the values on which the West has been built.

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