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Culture War: ‘We Need More Businessmen and Less Politicians’

empresarios, El American

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Socialism has created a false narrative about capitalism and entrepreneurs. Emmanuel Rincón, Editor-at-large at El American, analyzes in Culture War, the importance of private initiative and entrepreneurship for the wealth of countries.

“The worst damage on a social level that the left has done to humanity was to have created such a negative social stigma in the population about the role of the entrepreneur in society,” said Rincón.

Culture War: “The world needs more businessmen.”

He explained that there is still a stigma in which it is believed that the businessman is a feudal lord who enslaved his workers. In this sense, he argued that it is in the interest of socialists to continue generating this narrative because the enemy of socialism is not the liberal or capitalist politician; its number one enemy is the productivist businessman, who demonstrates to the world that the private sector always works better than the public sector.

In this season finale of Culture War, Rincón recalled that the world has evolved and that in the West most workers have benefits ranging from a good salary to a better quality of life.

“To continue using that Marxist discourse is completely anachronistic. Today’s businessmen usually have a workload just as heavy as that of their employees, to which is added the stress and worries of keeping their company afloat and its operations,” he said.

He also commented on the odyssey that entrepreneurs go through to become businessmen in Latin American countries and emphasized that everything that has allowed the world to evolve was born from private initiative.

“It is thanks to private initiative and not to the States that the world has advanced by leaps and bounds. Cars, computers, telephones, social networks, medicines and enterprises have been created by private initiatives.”

La innovación de los empresarios es importante para el progreso de los países (Flickr)
Entrepreneurial innovation is important for the progress of countries. (Flickr)

The end of socialism by discrediting businessmen

Rincón points out that the purpose of socialism is to pass over individuals, enlarge the State and thus dominate the means of production. He explained that once its end is achieved, socialism will become totalitarianism and except for an armed revolution or some force majeure event, there will be no way to defeat it.

“Socialism is a collectivist and parasitic ideology, which in order to establish it requires a majority in society that is complexed, incapable, asleep, toxic and resentful, to pass over individuals, enlarge the State and end up dominating the means of production,” he commented.
Finally, he insisted on the need for the world to have more entrepreneurs. He stressed that the socialist narrative must be reconstructed and give the value that private initiative deserves, that which risks its capital for the benefit of society.

“To improve the conditions of the world we need more businessmen and less politicians. We need more private initiative and less State, but, above all, we must rebuild that malignant narrative of socialism and put businessmen in their place as what they are: leaders and entrepreneurs who risk everything to fulfill their dreams and improve the lives of others.”

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