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Culture War: The New York Times is a Propaganda Machine of the International Left

Culture War: The New York Times, el aparato de propaganda de la izquierda internacional

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The media has had an influence on politics and the push for leftist ideas. Emmanuel Rincón, Editor-at-large at El American, explained in Culture War, how media outlets like The New York Times have served to manipulate citizens into believing in socialism.

“This hegemony of the left didn’t start a year ago or decades ago. A hundred years ago, the New York Times was already covering up the crimes of communism,” said Rincón.

In that sense, he explained that while studying in Venezuela, he was also influenced by the left. However, he recognizes that living the consequences of chavismo led him to defend and promote the ideas of freedom.

“If it weren’t for chavismo and all the nastiness it made me and my family and friends live through, I would probably be one of those idiots who would send a message from a phone or a Starbucks saying that capitalism sucks,” he pointed out.

He further noted that the leftist media has pushed an agenda to divide American society and to sow hatred for the United States and capitalism, which, in his view, is what has made it the most powerful country in the world.

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The New York Times agenda and left-wing media

“This newspaper in recent days has been in favor of anarchy in the United States. It has used its penetration of society to further segregate Americans,” he said.

The New York Times had already covered up the crimes of communism 100 years ago (Flickr)

In this way, he emphasized that the intention is to fuel the hatred generated by racism and to sow corruption by encouraging vandalism towards the figures of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and all the Founding Fathers.

Finally, he stressed that people who believe in the ideas of freedom and capitalism have the obligation to open the eyes of a large part of the world to dismantle the lies of socialism and its media.

“It is our task to open the eyes of the world, so that they understand that when they read the New York Times, The Washington Post or watch news programs such as CNN, they are not receiving objective information but leftist ideological capsules”, said Rincón.