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Culture War: Young Socialists Want to Save the World but Ignore Deadly Consequences of the Marxist Ideology

Culture War: Los jóvenes socialistas quieren salvar el mundo, pero no pueden ni hacerse cargo de sí mismos

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Half of young Americans support socialist ideas. Emmanuel Rincón talks about this topic in this edition of his Culture War space. Rincón highlights the undeniable fact that socialism has failed in all the countries where it has been implemented and highlights that young socialists are far from living in a socialist system. On the contrary, they enjoy the benefits of capitalism.

“Despite the failure of socialism time and time again, millions of teenagers around the world continue to fall in love with its ideas and try to apply it in their nations. The United States does not escape this reality,” said Rincón.

Culture War on young socialists.

In that sense, Emmanuel explained that in history there were defenders of freedom who fought so that today the United States is the most prosperous and powerful nation in the world. Something that some of the youth seem to be unaware of.

“Being the most powerful and successful nation in the entire world, today at least half of its teenagers believe in the ideas that impoverished the planet. In the very ideas that their ancestors faced in order to give them a better future,” he said.

Culture War: let young socialists start by generating their own wealth

Likewise, he indicated that when young socialists start paying taxes, they will be able to decide if they want to live in states like California — which has one of the highest tax rates in the country — or if they prefer to live in Arizona, Texas or Florida; states to which Californians are now fleeing.

“Socialist teenagers who want to save the world should start by learning how to save themselves. They could start by getting a job, start reproducing wealth and paying their bills. Maybe then they can understand the value of things.”

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