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Anti-Semitic, Racist, and Homophobic? New York Times Exposes Gov. Andrew Cuomo

The story compiles testimonials from at least 80 people who have allegedly experienced firsthand who the real Cuomo is

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A lengthy report by The New York Times details Andrew Cuomo’s personality through testimonials compiled from staffers who have worked for years with the governor. The writing revealed Cuomo’s hidden personality with excerpts ranging from anti-Semitic messages, racist and even homophobic statements.

The 8,500-word profile was based on interviews with more than 80 people over the past two months.

The assertions and testimony against Cuomo now add to the recent scandals surrounding the governor, which involve him in crimes of alleged sexual harassment, inappropriate conduct and premeditated concealment of numbers of deceased seniors in nursing homes in the state.


Cuomo has reportedly hidden for years his rejection of the Jewish community. Witnesses close to him reported that the governor expressed irritation at some of the traditions of Israeli families during the pandemic.

The Times does not pinpoint an exact date, but notes that one witness saw Cuomo express annoyance at how Jews celebrate Sukkot, the Jewish harvest festival in which worshippers gather outdoors under temporary shelters made of branches and vegetation. “These people and their fucking tree houses,” the Democrat reportedly exclaimed to his staff.

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Faced with this accusation, Cuomo’s spokesman denied the claims and pointed out that the governor’s two sisters “married Jewish men,” so “he respects Jewish traditions to the fullest.”

Compared himself to The Godfather

Another revelation made by the Times to “strip” Cuomo’s personality was that he allegedly went so far as to compare himself to mob scion Sonny Corleone in the movie The Godfather. The incident allegedly occurred shortly after Cuomo was elected state attorney general in 2006.

According to the article, a Cuomo insider described the governor’s power to intimidate people under investigation who visited his office. “I loom over that table,” Cuomo said, according to the Times. “In their minds I’m Sonny Corleone and I’m capable of anything,” he said.

Homophobia and racism

According to the report, Cuomo also insulted an unidentified male official in 2019 with a reference to transgender people: “You’d be a good-looking tranny, if you get a good set of tits,” a witness told the NYT.

Andrew Cuomo, ¿antisemita, racista y homofóbico?: New York Times expone al gobernador
The governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, went from being a star politician of the Democratic Party to a figure involved in cases of harassment and manipulated figures. (Facebook)

Other exclusive stories accessed by the newspaper include two episodes during which Cuomo headlined “nasty racial stereotypes.”

According to the article, during his first unsuccessful run for governor in 2002, Cuomo allegedly claimed he would appeal to black voters by saying that “blacks have three pictures on their walls -Jesus, Martin Luther King Jr. and one of the Kennedy brothers.” The incident was recounted by three people who heard Cuomo make the comments, the Times said.

Likewise, a former colleague also said the New York governor was so prone to temper outbursts that he once threw a phone in front of his colleague’s head inside Mario Cuomo’s campaign headquarters in 1982, the Times said.

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