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Cuomo Wants NY Taxpayers to Pay for His Sexual Harassment Legal Defense

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DISGRACED Former NY Gov. Cuomo (2011-2021) filed a lawsuit Thursday against NY Attorney General Letitia James for her refusal to pay his legal fees for his defense after he was sued this year for sexual harassment by a female state police officer in federal court.

In his lawsuit, he asks for compliance with the law and recognition of his right to choose a private attorney of his choice and have it compensated by the state.

Cuomo filed his lawsuit Wednesday night — on the one-year anniversary of his resignation from his post amid a scandal over sexual harassment allegations — in Manhattan Supreme Court where he alleges that the District Attorney’s Office improperly denied his request for a defense attorney or his fees and that he was not given an explanation for that denial.

According to the document, this action by Prosecutor James was arbitrary, capricious, contrary to law, biased and politically motivated, and alleges that the defendant failed to fulfill her duties as a state prosecutor.

It further points out that the policewoman’s lawsuit, which was part of her security, was based on evidence and information contained in the allegedly independent report that DA James filed on August 3 of last year after several women claimed that she had harassed them.

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The investigation concluded that the then-Democratic governor -whose performance in handling the covid-caused health crisis had been nationally publicized – had sexually harassed several female employees and former employees, including the policewoman, created a hostile work environment and retaliated against at least one of them.

The policewoman, one of several who testified as part of the prosecution’s investigation, sued Cuomo, his top aide Melissa DeRosa and the police, seeking compensation for severe mental distress and emotional suffering and payment of her legal expenses.

The policewoman, who was not identified, filed her lawsuit last February, seven months after the District Attorney’s Office released the outcome of its investigation.

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