Daily Wire se resiste a vacunas obligatorias de Biden: "no aplicaremos el mandato tiránico"

Daily Wire Resists Biden’s Mandatory Vaccinations: ‘We Won’t Enforce Tyrannical Mandate’

The newspaper’s CEO said that despite having more than a hundred workers, he will not comply with the presidential mandate because it is an “overreach” by the Democratic administration

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President Joe Biden announced sweeping new mandates forcing millions of Americans to be vaccinated against COVID-19; if they don’t, they could lose their jobs. However, critics and dissenting employers announce they will not submit to the Democratic administration’s new measure.

Among Biden’s new orders is that private employers with 100 or more employees will have to make sure their employees are vaccinated or tested weekly. Already, the well-known newspaper The Daily Wire pointed out that despite having over a 100 employees, it will not comply with the presidential mandate because it is an “overreach” by the Democratic administration.

“The Daily Wire has well over 100 employees,” said Jeremy Boreing, co-founder of the news site, Daily Wire. “We will not enforce Joe Biden’s unconstitutional and tyrannical vaccine mandate. We will use every tool at our disposal, including legal action, to resist this overreach,” he said.

Biden’s disposition has been strongly criticized because it violates the freedom of Americans to decide; especially since the vaccine does not prevent infection but rather inhibits the intensity of symptoms to a high percentage.

“President Biden continues to undermine confidence in safe and effective vaccines. He is using fear, control, and mandates — and failing to put science first,” said Republican Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers.

Likewise Ohio Republican Rep. Warren Davidson introduced a bill to resist Biden’s presidential mandate.

“My Vaccine Passport Prevention Act is designed to protect Americans from exactly this sort of overreach and violation of privacy,” Davidson said.

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