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The Daily Wire Sues Biden Over Vaccine Mandate

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The Daily Wire filed a lawsuit against the federal government over President Joe Biden’s order forcing large companies to require their employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19 or tested weekly.

In addition, it has emerged that attorneys for The Daily Wire will also file an emergency motion to stay the mandate. “The Daily Wire will not comply with President Biden’s tyrannical vaccine mandate, and we are suing the Administration to stop its gross overreach,” said The Daily Wire co-founder and CEO Jeremy Boreing.

Ben Shapiro, editor emeritus of the outlet, called Biden’s move an authoritarian order and maintained that they will continue to take steps to not comply with the mandate.

According to the lawsuit, the media outlet believes that the Biden administration lacks constitutional authority to issue the employer mandate, and that the employer mandate did not meet the requirements for issuing a rule that would take effect immediately without the normal process of considering public comments.

“The federal government lacks the legal authority to compel private employers to play the role of vaccine police or Covid-19, lacks the police power to compel private employees to undergo medical treatment, and cannot ignore constitutional limits on its ability to regulate all aspects of our lives,” said Harmeet K. Dhillon, a partner at Dhillon Law Group.

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