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Dancer Ariana Dewing: I Lost Several Students for Supporting the Police

Bailarina Ariana Dewing: «Perdí a varios alumnos por dar mi apoyo a la Policía»

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During the Student Action Summit 2021 (#SAS2021) hosted by Turning Point USA in Tampa, Florida, El American Chief Correspondent Anna Paulina Luna spoke exclusively with Ariana Dewing, a passionate ballet dancer who recently discovered her role as an ambassador for the conservative youth.

Anna Paulina Luna interviews Ariana Dewing at #SAS2021 in Tampa, Florida.

Dewing shared her emotional experience about how exercising her artistic passion opened her eyes regarding the advancement of leftist ideology in youth. “I had so many students that I mentored that looked up to me, and so when I wore a shirt that said: ‘I support the police,’ I lost about three-quarters of all of my students,” Dewing confessed.

The professional dancer expressed, through tears, that she was affected when she discovered that “one political thought that’s just going to take everything from you.”

For Dewing, it was especially eye-opening, given that she had learned the discipline at home and had devoted her entire life to striving to achieve her aspirations, detached from any political thinking.

However, being a conservative and expressing support for state law enforcement made an impact on her career, and led her to discover her potential as a TPUSA ambassador.

Dewing addressed a message to young conservatives who feel alone and are afraid to voice their opinions:

“You’re not alone. There’s so many more people that are just like you. And it’s such a lie from the enemy, that’s just trying to hold you and keep you where you’re at because the growth that you could have could be life-changing.”

Excited, Dewing said she is able to project the difference she can make in a few years by stepping up and participating in events like TPUSA. “I didn’t even know this existed. I wanted to make a difference, and I realized that you can be the best ballerina ever and you’re still not going to be able to save your country.”

This interview with Dewing is part of a series of exclusive interviews that El American staff conducted at the event with various conservatives who have made it their goal to stand up for American freedom. You can watch it in its entirety on our YouTube channel.

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