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Democrat Vicente Gonzalez — Who Runs for Republican Mayra Flores’ Seat — Resorts to Xenophobic Attacks

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Vicente Gonzalez, a Democratic representative running against Republican Representative Mayra Flores (the first Mexican-born woman elected to Congress), attacked her on the basis of xenophobia. In statements collected by Newsweek, Gonzalez assured that he was born in the United States and is not a migrant like Flores.

“I wasn’t born in Mexico, I was born in South Texas, the son of a Korean war veteran (…) I didn’t come here through chain migration, I didn’t come through asylum or amnesty or whatever,” said Gonzalez, who is running for the Democratic Party, which claims to be pro-immigration and pro-inclusion.

In addition, Gonzalez called Mayra Flores an “unqualified” opponent and said she is being used by the Republican Party in a race in which she believes they invested millions of dollars. Mayra Flores shared on her Twitter the news with the Democrat’s statements.

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Mayra Flores’ triumph

The Mexican-born Republican made history in a big way by winning the special election in the 34th district in South Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley. According to an El American article, this is an unprecedented milestone.

“The Republican Party candidate becomes the first Mexican-born woman to hold a seat in the U.S. Congress and the first GOP candidate to win in this historically blue area.”

In addition, she has had public support from influencers like Elon Musk. The businessman revealed last week that he voted for Mayra Flores, who upon learning the information welcomed Musk to the Republican Party.

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