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Rep. Jim McGovern Asks Biden to Lift Sanctions Against Maduro’s Venezuela

Congresista demócrata pide a Biden levantar sanciones contra Maduro

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Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern called last Monday on Joe Biden’s administration to lift economic sanctions on the tyranny of Nicolas Maduro imposed by former President Donald Trump.

“I believe the time has come to correct the course of American policy toward Venezuela,” McGovern said in a letter sent to Biden.

Since taking office nearly five months ago, the Biden administration has said sanctions against Maduro’s tyranny are under review, as are many of the measures taken by Trump.

The Biden administration has maintained Trump’s strategy towards Venezuela, considering Maduro a “dictator” and recognizing the opposition Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of the South American nation, in addition to the sanctions.

The State Department spokesman, Ned Price, affirmed after Biden’s arrival to power that the president has no intention of establishing any contact with Maduro, at least in the short term. However, from the side of the most radical democrats, they are asking the administration to cushion the pressure on Nicolás Maduro, as they did in the past with Cuba.

During the last few years at least 5 million people have left Venezuela due to Nicolás Maduro’s socialist policies that have led the country to the worst economic crisis in its history, the monthly minimum wage in the Caribbean nation is less than 5 dollars a month, and there are multiple reports of human rights violations by the Maduro regime.