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Democrat Organization Wanted Hurricane Ian to Wipe out Trump’s Home

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Occupy Democrats, a pro-Democratic organization, posted an image on Twitter Thursday calling for Hurricane Ian to blow away former President Donald Trump’s residence.

After receiving criticism for the message, the organization decided to delete the tweet. However, users, such as renowned journalist Benny Johnson, captured the message posted on the digital platform.

“Dear Ian, you had one job,” the message said, which was accompanied by a photo of the former president’s residence.

Donald Trump Jr.’s reaction

The former president’s son, Donald Trump Jr., referred to the message and said that the comment comes at a time when hundreds of citizens are suffering the consequences of Ian’s arrival in the U.S. territory.

“As hundreds of thousands of Americans suffer in Florida from a terrible hurricane this is what Occupy Democrats is focused on,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote on Twitter, who then charged at President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. “Not surprising from a party whose leader called 75 million Americans the biggest threat to freedom and democracy!”

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