Democratic Strategist: The DNC Doesn’t Have Bad Leaders, They Have Bad Followers

Political strategist and CNN contributor Paul Begala lashed out at Biden voters

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Political strategist and CNN contributor Paul Begala said Monday in an interview that the problem with the Democrats is not their leadership, but their “bad” voter base.

During a televised debate on CNN, host Poppy Harlow brought up a comment by Arndrea Waters King, daughter-in-law of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. about the Democratic Party’s inability to pass voting laws.

Waters King suggested to Politico that President Biden is not putting “the power and passion” he put into his infrastructure agenda to that he put into his voting rights bills.

Harlow asked Begala for his opinion on the matter, to which the strategist responded, “Well, [Biden] got infrastructure passed and that’s a good thing because success can breed success,” and noted that the president is putting “the full force of the presidency” behind the voting law reforms.

Immediately afterward, Begala went after Democratic voters, “I think the problem for the Democrats right now is not that they have bad leaders. They have bad followers.”

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