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Democrats’ Census Shenanigans May Have Cost Texas & Florida House Seats: WSJ Editorial Board

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The Democratic Party is rigging elections in America in every way conceivable. One way that it appears to be fixing elections before they even take place is by fraudulently counting the number of U.S. citizens in their states.

The Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) Editorial Board on Friday published an opinion editorial that lays out convincingly that Democrats’ fraud may have cost Texas and Florida additional House seats. Meanwhile, blue states undeservingly picked up seats.

“Well, well. Remember how Democrats accused the Trump Administration of trying to rig the 2020 Census?” the WSJ rhetorically asks. “Now a Census Bureau study reveals that Republican-leaning states may have been hurt by mistaken under-counts.”

“On Thursday, the bureau published the results of its post-enumeration analysis, which it does after every Census to identify errors in the counts,” the story notes. “Its study found that 14 states were over- or under-counted by statistically significant margins. Compare that to 2010 when the bureau’s post-hoc analysis found that all the state population counts were more or less accurate.”

“States with large over-counts include Hawaii (6.8%), Delaware (5.5%), Rhode Island (5.1%), Minnesota (3.8%), New York (3.4%), Utah (2.6%), Massachusetts (2.2%) and Ohio (1.5%),” the story continues. “Those under-counted by big margins include Arkansas (5%), Tennessee (4.8%), Mississippi (4.1%), Florida (3.5%), Illinois (2%) and Texas (1.9%).”

“Texas was under-counted by about 570,000 people while New York was over-counted by 695,000,” the story adds. “That’s a lot of people. Yet the findings aren’t shocking. We noted last spring when the results from the reapportionment were announced that the Census counts diverged sharply from the bureau’s 2020 population estimates in many of these states,” the WSJ said.

“The inaccuracies may have cost Florida and Texas an additional House seat and given Rhode Island and Minnesota one they shouldn’t have received,” WSJ concludes. “New York might have also lost another House seat if the Census were more accurate. So how did the bureau get the counts so wrong? The bureau blames the pandemic.”

Of course. Covid is suddenly to blame for everything. It’s to blame for the 2020 election rigging when numerous swing states unlawfully implemented fraud-prone, no-excuse, mass mail-in voting. It’s to blame for the economic chaos still happening in America, including rampant inflation. And now it’s to blame for Republicans losing representatives in the House, while the Democrats mysteriously gain seats.

“Errors” always run in one direction. Always. So, maybe they’re not “errors”? Maybe, just maybe, they’re a reflection of systematic fraud?

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