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Dems Push to Turn Miami Radio Stations into State-run Media à la ‘Radio Granma’

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THE PURCHASE of 18 Hispanic radio stations by a Latino start-up funded by George Soros and close to the Democratic Party has generated an earthquake in Miami communities. In particular, the Cuban-American community rejected the acquisition of the historic station Radio Mambí, which, according to complaints, would be silenced.

The Miami Young Republicans organization joined the many reactions against the purchase of the 18 stations by the start-up Latino Media Network from the conglomerate Televisa-Univision. In a press release, it said, “For Univision to sell Radio Mambí and 17 other radio stations to a group of leftist Democratic Party activists is an attack on the Cuban exile community and all freedom-loving Americans.”

“Unsatisfied with the current monopoly over the two Spanish-language networks, the far left has spent years attacking free speech and trying to silence conservative Hispanic voices in Miami.”

According to Miami Young Republicans, Democrats are reacting to the “historic” advance of the Republican Party in the South Florida electorate in the last 2020 elections. The organization recalls that, according to a poll, Hispanics are abandoning the Democratic Party in droves.

The president of Miami Young Republicans, Armando Ibarra, assured that “unfortunately for George Soros, the Democrats and their socialist allies, Hispanics are smart and will reject Spanish-language radio stations becoming ‘Radio Granma,’” referring to the propaganda apparatus of the Cuban regime.

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Ibarra told El American that what Latino Media Network does is similar to what Granma, the Cuban propaganda newspaper, does.

“Like Granma in Cuba, Latino Media Network seeks to manipulate voters with censorship and propaganda. There is no doubt that the Cuban dictatorship is relieved that its ideological allies will soon be echoing the regime’s propaganda on Miami stations,” Ibarra told The American.

Finally, Ibarra appeals to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to prevent Radio Mambí and the other stations from being taken over by the Democrats.

“Our Miami community joins together to demand that the FCC investigate this transaction and stop the far left’s efforts to interfere in the upcoming elections by manipulating voters with censorship and propaganda.”