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Democrats to Spend $23 Million to Target Women in Key States

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After winning the “trifecta” in 2020, Democrats will defend their achievement tooth and nail in the midterm elections. With the House of Representatives somewhat more complicated, Joe Biden hopes to continue to have a majority in the Senate at the end of 2022. To do so, he will be counting on the help of Family Friendly Action PAC.

As revealed by POLITICO, their plan is clear and has a fixed goal: to spend $23 million to increase the Democrat vote among suburban women. Specifically, the money will go to five critical races for the future of the Senate, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and New Hampshire.

Their strategy will be to go door-to-door in these areas to maintain and grow the base that Joe Biden built in the 2020 election.

“We’re hearing at the doors every day that the economy and high costs are voters’ top priorities,” said Sondra Goldschein, executive director of Family Friendly Action PAC.

Indeed, this seems to be one of the top items on suburban women’s voting priority list.

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Wykeem Speach, a PAC organizer, said gas prices are the “number one priority” of the voters they spoke to in Pennsylvania, where Democrats expect John Fetterman to defeat Dr. Oz in November.

“We meet voters at the doors to have really important, face-to-face conversations about how the Democrats are fighting to help American families,” Goldschein added.

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Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (C) answers a question from the media during a press conference following the Democrat policy luncheon at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC, on June 14, 2022. Democrats are seeking to hold the Senate and will be helped by the Family Friendly Action Political Action Committee. (EFE)

How will Democrats split spending for Senate elections?

Family Friendly Action PAC will divide its money as follows:

Pennsylvania: 8 million.

Wisconsin: 5 million

Georgia: 4 million

Arizona : 3 million

New Hampshire : 3 million.

In addition to the race above in the keystone state, the decision to invest so much money in Wisconsin is noteworthy because incumbent Republican Senator Ron Johnson will seek his third term after being elected in 2010 and re-elected in 2016.

Although some speculated that he would not run, boosted by the legislator’s words a few years ago, Johnson made his candidacy official in January.

What is striking about this reversal is that Republicans are expected to retain this seat in November. Even though Wisconsin is a swing state and Joe Biden carried it in 2020, the anticipated “red wave” could be enough to sweep Johnson across the finish line and, at long last, to his re-election.

Despite polls being somewhat reluctant to show a Johnson victory, the experience of 2016 and 2020 shows that, in Wisconsin, polls often underestimate Republican support for their candidate.

Likewise, Georgia, Arizona, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania, in particular, are expected to be highly competitive elections.

The suburbs were pivotal in Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump. In the 2020 election, the former vice president improved many of Hillary Clinton’s numbers among these voters. Specifically, suburbanites supported Biden by 54%, which contrasts against the 45% Clinton received.

This change showed particularly among suburban whites, as Trump carried this group by 16 % in 2016, while in 2020, he barely did so by 4 %.