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Democrats Desperate for Latino Vote Spend Record Budget for Midterms

Democrats Desperate for Latino Vote to Spend Record Budget for Midterms

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The DNC, which manages the day-to-day running of the Democratic Party, is approaching the November legislative elections with a special focus on the Latino voter, for whom it is planning a targeted media campaign to combat what it calls misinformation.

“Latinos are going to hear about Democrats more than ever,” said Maria Cardona, a DNC counselor and former advisor in creating and disseminating the Latino outreach program “ADELANTE,” in a Wednesday conference call.

The committee plans to devote a “seven-figure” budget to its Latino voter outreach media campaign, an unspecified amount but considered the highest to date in a midterm election, where one-third of Senate seats and all 435 House seats are up for grabs on Nov. 8.

The DNC’s total budget for campaign infrastructure issues stands at $70 million, double the amount spent in the 2018 midterm elections and underscoring, according to both representatives, that these midterms will be “unlike any other.”

Groups like Media Matters, which have received more than $20 million in funding to combat “disinformation” in Spanish, have been trying to discredit information broadcast by conservative and libertarian Latino media.
On two occasions, Media Matters has accused El American’s Editor-at-Large Emmanuel Rincón of alleged disinformation for pro-Second Amendment publications or for criticizing the FBI raid against former President Donald Trump.

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