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Early Signs of Defeat? Dems Won’t Try to Remove ‘Unbeatable’ DeSantis in 2022

Ron DeSantis

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The Democratic Governors Association does not plan to give significant financial aid to Florida Democrats to run against Gov. Ron DeSantis in 2022. According to POLITICO, the move was made because they believe the Republican is unbeatable.

“The perception that DeSantis is unbeatable has left national Democratic groups like the DGA to weigh whether they should spend resources in Florida, a hugely expensive state with 10 media markets, or use that cash to help incumbents in cheaper states,” POLITICO reported.

The same report highlighted that Democrats, according to two sources, spent over $15 million in the two previous FL governor’s race, but may soon “deprioritize” the state in the upcoming midterm elections.

“When I think about Florida statewide elections, the number one thing you have to ask yourself is do you have the money to communicate in a really expensive state?” explained Jonathan Ducote, a Democratic consultant, to POLITICO.

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The decision by the Democratic Governors Association would come at a good time for DeSantis. (Flickr)

The context of the Democratic Governors Association’s decision.

The information comes at a time when DeSantis is consolidating his lead in the state. This week, El American released a poll showing that a majority of Florida voters believe their state is headed in the right direction and that Gov. Ron DeSantis deserves re-election. The poll, which was released by the state Chamber of Commerce, showed that 48% of respondents believe Florida is “headed in the right direction,” in contrast to 42% who believe the opposite.

In addition, the Florida Chamber poll found that DeSantis has a 7% lead over Democratic Congressman Charlie Crist, who was elected governor of Florida between 2007 and 2011 while still part of the Republican Party, and a 9% lead over Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, a Democrat.

Democratic Governors Association considers DeSantis unbeatable: will not invest in Florida 2022.