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DeSantis Announces 2022 Re-Election Bid: ‘I’m On a Mission to Keep Florida Free’

DeSantis anuncia que aspira a la reelección en 2022: "Tengo la misión de mantener libre a Florida"

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Monday that he will seek re-election in the elections to be held exactly one year from now, on November 8, 2022.

In a mail message to his followers, DeSantis, who has been touted as a 2024 presidential aspirant and even Trump went so far as to say that he could be his vice presidential running mate if the real estate mogul launches his candidacy again.

DeSantis has clashed with President Joe Biden’s policies, mainly those related to dealing with the pandemic, but also over immigration policy.

Last week DeSantis filed a lawsuit against a federal government measure requiring employers to vaccinate their staff as “unconstitutional.”

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DeSantis will face, among others, the winner of the Democratic primary, which for now has as its top pre-candidates Congressman Charlie Crist, Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, the only Democrat in the Florida Cabinet, and State Senator Annette Tadeo.

“I’m running for re-election because I’m on a mission to keep Florida free and because I have proven I have the courage to lead,” DeSantis said in the message.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Republican has been reluctant to shut down the economy and restrictive confinement measures, and later has fought a battle, including a court battle, against vaccination passports.

In his message he noted that he has kept Florida free from federal government mandates that tried to take away its livelihoods and freedoms through mandates and shutdowns.

“We’ve done an awful lot in the state of Florida. We have a lot more to do, and I have only begun to fight,” the Republican said in the mail, in which he asks for financial support for his campaign. We have work to do and I am ready to continue my fight for this great state,” the Republican said in the mailer, in which he asks for financial support for his campaign.