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DeSantis Announces Measures to Recruit High-Quality Teachers in Florida

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Ron DeSantis announced three new education proposals for Florida that will be addressed in the 2023 Legislative Session. The goals of the initiatives are to recruit quality teachers to the state, help them gain classroom experience, and benefit students.

The governor unveiled his education agenda last Tuesday, Aug. 16 through his Twitter account, where he specified that his administration is committed to “increasing recruitment and retention of high-quality teachers.”

Specifically, these include a recruitment initiative aimed at bringing retired veterans into the classroom through fee waivers and bonuses; an apprenticeship program that provides bonuses to teachers for mentoring aspiring teachers with an associate’s degree to gain hands-on teaching experience; and a scholarship program for K-12 teachers interested in teaching dual enrollment courses on high school campuses.

“These three initiatives will build on our efforts to increase recruitment and retention of high-quality teachers. Great teachers don’t become great teachers because they are sitting in a university lecture hall. What makes a teacher great is being in the classroom, watching other teachers, and seeing what works” said DeSantis.

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“With today’s announcement we will be helping more teachers gain that critical firsthand experience and we will be recruiting first responders and veterans to continue their service in the classroom. Our students will greatly benefit from these programs,” the governor added.

Manny Diaz Jr., state education commissioner, welcomed the governor’s announcement and said his goal is to “further increase Florida’s reputation as the education state.”

The governor also stated that one of his administration’s priorities is to “ensure there is a high-quality teacher in every single Florida classroom. I have been holding roundtable meetings with teachers from across the state to learn more about steps we can take to improve our recruitment and retention efforts.”

DeSantis’ education agenda in Florida

Just months away from what would appear to be a sure re-election, DeSantis governor is leaning on the following platform for education:

— Keep schools open and reject lockdowns.

— Educate, not indoctrinate.

— Ensure parental rights in education and keep woke gender ideology out of school.

— Support robust civics education.

— Expand workforce development and technical education.

— Reject the use of critical race theory (CRT) in the curriculum.

— Increase teacher pay.

— Continue support for school safety and mental health initiatives.

— Protect the right of parents to petition school boards and districts for redress of grievances.

— Guarantee the right of parents to curriculum transparency.

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