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DeSantis Criticizes Biden’s Immigration Plan: ‘It’s a Great Contradiction’

DeSantis Criticizes Biden's Immigration Plan: 'It's a Great Contradiction'

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called it a great contradiction to implement domestic travel restrictions while opening borders for foreign asylum seekers.

“It’s a great contradiction and you can’t want to open borders for illegal aliens while seeking to restrict American citizens from traveling around the country as they see fit,” he said in a Sunday Morning Futures interview. “I think the American people see the hypocrisy in that.”

De Santis’s response comes after the Biden administration reported last week that it will allow a gradual entry into the United States of thousands of migrants who have applied for asylum and are waiting in Mexico for a response.

Biden has already signed three executive orders on immigration, including one to create a task force to reunify migrants separated under the Trump administration, as part of a sweeping push to reverse his predecessor’s immigration policies.

On Thursday, DeSantis expressed his opposition to possible restrictions on travel to and from this state, something the Biden administration may be considering, according to news sources, due to the high incidence of the British variant of the coronavirus.

He added that any move to restrict travel internally amounted to an “attack on the people of Florida” and he promised that he will not stand idly by if such a decision is finally made.

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