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Gov. Ron DeSantis Criticizes Restrictions Against People Already Vaccinated

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“If you get a vaccine you are immune and, therefore, you act immune. If you tell people otherwise, that it’s not going to change anything – what’s the point of going through that?” said Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida, to refer to the restrictions on vaccinated people. According to the government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), vaccinated people should continue to wear masks and keep social distancing.

“Until more is known, fully vaccinated persons should continue to wear masks and keep 6 feet away from others in other settings, such as when in public or visiting unvaccinated persons from multiple households,” the CDC explains on its official website.

Governor DeSantis had previously criticized on Twitter that the media does not show criticism of quarantines and other measures to supposedly prevent the spread of COVID-19. “Criticisms of lockdowns and other so-called mitigation efforts have been censored by Big Tech, which is antithetical to scientific inquiry,” he wrote.

Similarly, the governor has been an advocate for reviving the economy. He has called for allowing commercial and economic activities that were suspended because of the pandemic: We must fight to get our cruise liners and their employees back to work and safely sailing again. To be clear, no federal law authorizes the CDC to indefinitely shutdown an entire industry..”

DeSantis also criticized vaccine passports

DeSantis also announced that “vaccine passports” would not be required in Florida. This while the rest of the country and the federal government contemplate the idea of a new document certifying an individual’s vaccination.

“Under no circumstances will the state require people to have proof of vaccination,” he said at a press conference. “And I don’t think private companies should do that,” he added.

DeSantis critica restricciones a vacunados contra el covid-19: "Si te vacunas eres inmune"60 Minutes, Ron DeSantis
Además de las restricciones a vacunados, rechazó la implementación de un pasaporte de vacunación. (Flickr)

The United States is vaccinating at least 4.5 million people daily. As of Thursday, more than 37.8% of the population has already received a dose of the vaccine. Despite the fact that vaccination with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has stopped, authorities have asked citizens to have confidence in the drug and to go to vaccination centers.

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