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DeSantis: ‘I Reject Socialism Outright…. Maduro is a Dictator’

DeSantis: "Rechazo rotundamente el socialismo... Maduro es un dictador"

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FL GOV. Ron Desantis said Thursday that he was “proud” to have brought the U.S. immigration crisis to the forefront of public debate by sending 48 undocumented Venezuelans to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts, last week.

During a press conference in Miami, the Republican said that if he had previously warned the authorities of that state in the northeastern part of the country about the upcoming shipment of two charter planes with some 50 Venezuelans on board, the controversy would not have diminished.

He stated that President Biden has moved immigrants through different communities in the country “without prior notice”, and again pointed to the “lax” immigration policies of the current administration as the origin of the problem.

He pointed out that the money for the voluntary transport of these immigrants came out of a $12 million state appropriation for the relocation of undocumented immigrants and that he intends to use every penny for it, although he did not refer to other possible transfers of undocumented immigrants in the immediate future.

“We believe that the regime in Venezuela is illegitimate,” DeSantis said during a press conference at Miami Dade College (MDC), during which he called Nicolás Maduro a “dictator” and compared him to the late Cuban tyrant Fidel Castro.

He stated in that sense that Maduro is releasing people from prisons to come to the southern border, and many of them are not refugees as they claim to be and therefore do not qualify as asylum seekers.

DeSantis also spoke out against totalitarian ideologies born out of Marxism: “I reject socialism outright. I reject Marxism, Leninism, communism, any of these -isms that have come out of a political theory that denies the worth of each and every individual.”

The Republican made these statements after announcing at the university the signing of an executive order that prohibits state agencies from contracting Chinese companies that offer technological services and products through which they can access Floridians’ personal information.

The measure seeks to counter the malign influence of China and other hostile nations in Florida, which also include Cuba, Russia, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Venezuela.

The governor, who is running for re-election this November and whose name is being touted as a possible candidate for the Republican nomination for the White House, did not allude today to another flight that departed Tuesday from Texas and was supposed to land in Delaware, the state where the current president is from, but which finally landed in New Jersey and without immigrants on board.

As reported by local media, the Florida government recently paid 950,000 dollars to the transportation firm Vertol Systems Company Inc., the same firm that last week, shortly before the Venezuelans were sent to Massachusetts, paid 615,000 dollars.

Editor’s Note: The quotes featured in this article were originally published in Spanish, then translated to English and edited for publication.

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