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Ron DeSantis, America’s Governor, Is Winning the Culture Wars

DeSantis Behead the Woke Army and Sets Out to Win America's Culture War

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Few elected officials in the Republican Party truly understand the dimensions of the culture war being waged in America. Most congressmen, governors, and mayors, have spent the last few years trying to respond to the agenda of an increasingly radicalized Democratic Party, all the while assuming a defensive role.

Fortunately for Floridians, Gov. Ron DeSantis is not part of that statistic and has become the flamboyant commander leading the scalping of woke causes. Yesterday the governor of America, as he has been baptized by conservative circles, decreed that the state will celebrate November 7 as the day of the victims of communism, and in addition to that, he decreed that in the state’s schools’ children must learn about the disasters caused by leftist collectivist doctrines around the world.

Political, cultural and economic initiatives such as this have made DeSantis one of the most popular Republican politicians in the country.

America’s governor differs from other politicians because instead of waiting for the left to execute its agenda to answer, he takes the initiative and is the one setting the tone for what must be done to reclaim a country increasingly indoctrinated by the worshippers of the new woke socialism.

DeSantis does not sit in his warm office complaining about the disaster created by the Democrats in recent months, he, along with his entire government and press team, has been executing a plan to counteract the greatest threats that today fall on the American population, which in large part comes disguised as “education”, in a notorious attempt to indoctrinate and confuse children with sexual aberrations, racism and hatred towards the country where they were born.

In recent weeks DeSantis has reduced the tax burden on some sections of the state’s residents to combat inflation created by the Biden Administration, he also stood up to Disney’s attempts to boycott a law that seeks to prevent the sexualization of children, and he fights for everyone to learn about the evils of communism.

The governor of America understands the culture war like few others, and we should all join him in his crusade against collectivism, wokeism and in favor of freedom.

Emmanuel Rincón is a lawyer, writer, novelist and essayist. He has won several international literary awards. He is Editor-at-large at El American // Emmanuel Rincón es abogado, escritor, novelista y ensayista. Ganador de diversos premios literarios internacionales. Es editor-at-large en El American

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