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DeSantis’ Lead in Florida Election Sets Him Up as Presidential Candidate

The Republican governor would beat his local opponents in the 2022 elections and defeat Biden and Clinton in hypothetical presidential elections

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A new poll conducted by Suffolk University and USA Today indicates that Governor Ron DeSantis has a comfortable lead in Florida’s electoral chessboard and potential local voters consider him as a possible choice for the U.S. presidency.

According to the poll results, DeSantis leads former Governor Charlie Crist by 6 points (49% vs. 43%) in voting intentions, although there are still 8% who are undecided about this race.

DeSantis’ lead is even more comfortable against incumbent Agriculture Commissioner, Democrat Nikki Fried, whom he trails by 11 points (51% vs. 40%) with 9% undecided.

DeSantis 2024?

As for the race for the top national office, the poll finds that Florida voters would choose Governor DeSantis if he were to win the Republican nomination for the White House in 2024, leaving Biden behind by 8 points (52 % vs. 44 %.)

The poll also shows that Florida voters would also prefer former President Donald Trump over Biden in a closer race, with 47% favoring Trump and 44% favoring Biden.

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However, although DeSantis’ lead over Biden is greater, Trump would lead the Florida governor by 7 points (47% vs. 40%) in a hypothetical Republican primary.

The poll also evidences Biden’s low popularity, not only in the 2024 general election but in a hypothetical Democratic primary in Florida. For Floridian voters, Hillary Clinton would outperform Biden by 3 points (46% vs. 43%) in a possible race for the Democratic nomination.

Both DeSantis and Trump, however, would defeat Clinton by 13 and 7 points respectively.

Florida’s gubernatorial election will take place on Tuesday, November 8 and the primary will be held on August 23.

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