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DeSantis Proposes $100 Million to Create a State Guard for Florida

Ron DeSantis, oficina gobernador DeSantis, informe falso Univisión

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced Thursday that he will propose to allocate more than $100 million to the military budget in order to establish the State Guard as a civilian volunteer force that will assist the National Guard in specific emergencies.

“We are proud of our veterans and active duty military members and we are proud of what our communities do to support them,” said Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis announces military budget proposal to protect Florida

Military Budget

Florida Gov. DeSantis detailed that the establishment of the Florida State Guard will further support those emergency response efforts in the event of hurricanes, natural disasters and other state emergencies.

“The $3.5 million to establish the Florida State Guard will enable civilians to be trained in the best emergency response techniques. By establishing the Florida State Guard, Florida will become the 23rd state with a state guard recognized by the federal government,” the governor’s official website explained.

“The budget proposal also includes $12.2 million in scholarships for children and spouses of deceased or disabled veterans, and $3.6 million to improve base infrastructure and support projects that keep our military installations among the best in the nation,” it adds.

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