Ron DeSantis firma proyectos de ley sobre aumento del nivel del mar en Florida

Ron DeSantis Expands Private School Scholarships for Low-Income Students

The governor said the measure would ensure that students stay in the schools they wanted to go to

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the School Choice bill into law on Tuesday. With this measure, he intends to expand private school scholarships for low-income students.

H.R. 7045, signed at St. John the Apostle Catholic School in Hialeah, allows more children from low-income families to qualify for aid that will enable their inclusion in private K-12 schools.

“This will ensure that despite personal tragedies and economic difficulties, students like Chana will be able to continue to attend the schools they know and love,” DeSantis wrote on Twitter, accompanied by a video testimonial from one of the mothers who benefited.

The program was approved in April by the House of Representatives, which voted in favor of the bill. The final vote was 79 in favor, 36 against and 5 abstentions.

DeSantis says measure helps low-income students (Image: EFE)

Aid for low-income students

The bill also has several objectives. Among them is to streamline Florida’s choice programs and school application processes. It also expands eligibility and increases the number of scholarships available so that thousands of young people are more likely to have access to more educational options that fit their needs.

“It creates more opportunities and flexibility in both schooling and educational services for millions of low-income scholarship families as well as students with unique abilities,” DeSantis said.

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