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DeSantis and Rubio Gain Huge Lead, Especially With Latinos

Dos sondeos dan la ventaja a DeSantis y Rubio contra sus oponentes demócratas en Florida

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A Spectrum News/Siena College poll shows growth for Republicans in Florida and projects them with a big lead in the governor’s and Senate races just weeks before midterm elections.  

According to the poll, FL Gov. Ron DeSantis leads the race against his Democratic opponent, Congressman Charlie Crist, 49% to 41%. Meanwhile, Senator Marco Rubio outperformed his Democratic opponent, Congresswoman Val Demings, who was 48% to 41%.

DeSantis and Rubio among Hispanics

Regarding Hispanic support for these candidates, the conclusion is impressive. However, the survey reveals that the Hispanic community favors Republican candidates. In this group, DeSantis had 53% support to Crist’s 37%, and Rubio with 55% support to Demings’ 32%.  

Respondents stated that the issues they consider when deciding their vote are inflation and the high cost of living. Secondly, the threat to democracy is considered in their political decisions.

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