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Exclusive: DeSantis Campaign Releases Spanish Ad on Karla Hernandez’s Pro-Castro Messages

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Ron DeSantis’ campaign released a new Spanish-language ad on Tuesday touting the Democrats’ progressive agenda in the state. The radio commercial refers to Charlie Crist’s running mate in the election, Karla Hernandez.

In the audio, two ladies talk about Karla Hernandez’s political career and her position on various issues important to the Florida community, including her praise for communist dictators like Fidel Castro.

Yani: Hi Carmen, how are you? Did you hear who Charlie Crist named as his running mate?

Carmen: Yes, Karla Hernandez-Mats, from the teachers union.

Yani: Wasn’t she the one who opposed opening the schools, while Governor DeSantis was fighting to keep the kids in school?

Carmen: That same one. I am not surprised because she also posted on social media that while we celebrated in Miami the death of Fidel Castro in Cuba they were mourning.

Yani: And furthermore, when a pedophile teacher was under investigation for raping a student, Karla publicly defended him.

Carmen: The agenda of liberal extremists, like Karla and Crist, is hurting our children and now they want to rule the state.

Yani: What kind of surprise are they going to get in November!


Karla Hernandez’s career

Over the weekend, Karla Hernandez trended when a tweet she had written in 2016 in which she praised dictator Fidel Castro was recalled on social media. This week it became known that the Democrat removed the message from the digital platform.

“A political figure dies at 90. Most in Miami rejoice, many in Cuba mourn”, the Democrat wrote in 2016, with no intention of hiding her sympathy for the Cuban regime.

Crist’s running mate has also had a strained relationship with Florida parents because as president of the United Teachers of Dade, a large teachers union in Florida, she pushed to keep schools closed during Covid-19 and supported teaching about alleged “systemic racism” in the nation.

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