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DeSantis Takes Action Against Miami Bar That Allowed Children into Drag Show

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The administration of Ron DeSantis filed a complaint against a Miami bar that organized a drag show in which performers, presenting sexualized content, interacted with children. This was reported by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), which officially notified the bar “R Hous,” located in Wynwood. According to reports, it has 21 days to respond to the complaint.

Governor DeSantis referred to the case on Wednesday, July 27, while giving a speech in Tampa on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).

Ron DeSantis on drag queens dancing in front of children

“People have different views about what they want to do as adults – but it used to be, you know, the kids are off limits. No one wanted to bring the kids into any of this stuff, and we’ve got to get back to that,” the governor expressed.

The court action was issued after a video of the event went viral. In this short clip, a drag queen appeared topless and wearing lingerie filled with money. The problem came when the artist danced with a little girl. In addition, the Department cited a range of inappropriate performances, such as one involving another minor between the ages of ten and twelve.

DeSantis also took the opportunity to extend his message on his Twitter account, where he wrote that “Florida stands with parents to protect children. Exposing children to inappropriate sexualized content is wrong and the state will hold accountable those establishments that transgress this clear boundary.”

“I’m sensitive to this, I’ve got a five, a four, and a two-year-old, my wife and I back home, and we get our money’s worth out of that. Being a parent is the most important thing we do. It’s also very challenging enough as it is,” the governor added on the matter.

For his part, it transpired that the bar in question offered special discounts for children under 12.

“And so I think parents, particularly this time in society’s history, should be able to have their kids go to kindergarten, watch cartoons, just be kids, without having some agenda shoved down their throats all the time. And that’s what we’re fighting for. That’s what we’re fighting for,” DeSantis said in his speech.

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