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Governor DeSantis to Sign Bill that Protects Girls’ Sports from Biological Males

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Florida is promoting a measure that would prohibit transgender athletes from competing in girls’ high school sports. The measure passed the Republican-led state legislature on Wednesday night and will become law when signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

FL Rep. Kaylee Tuck (R), who pushed the bill, said the intent is to promote fair competition and a level playing field among teens in sports. Supporters of the bill have stressed its importance because they claim transgender women have an unfair competitive advantage in athletic competition.

“I’m honored to run this legislation on behalf of all women and girls who want to be able to showcase their skill and athletic abilities on a level playing field,” Tuck wrote on Twitter.

Likewise, she celebrated the bill passing the House with 79 votes. This after a long debate of almost two hours. “The Fairness in Women’s Sports Act passed the Education and Employment Committee today and is headed to the House floor,” she maintained.

Democrats reject transgender athletes bill

For their part, LGBT advocacy groups and civil rights advocates told The Orlando Sentinel, the measures are discriminatory and do not address a real problem. That’s because most of the lawmakers sponsoring the bills have not cited problematic cases in their states.

“If they want to play, let them play, there’s nothing to stop them,” said FL Sen. Victor Torres (D), who has a transgender granddaughter, according to the newspaper.

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