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DeSantis Issues Plans to Stop Federal Government from Transporting Migrants to State

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, on Friday, promoted initiatives to address illegal immigration, including an offensive against companies contracted by the federal government to transport undocumented immigrants to state territory.

One of the legislative proposals he addressed yesterday specifically seeks to prevent these contracting firms from doing business with the state of Florida.

At the same time, the budget bill presented to the legislature includes an $8 million proposal to create a program that would allow the state to contract with private companies to transport unauthorized immigrants out of Florida.

The governor said his state cannot be contracting with companies that knowingly and recklessly facilitate bringing undocumented people into the state.

DeSantis has said in the past that undocumented immigrants were brought to Florida cities like Jacksonville on charter flights “in the middle of the night.” He added that he has a list of the names of the companies involved in those flights.

The DeSantis administration has filed several lawsuits against the federal government over immigration policies that sparked a border crisis.

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