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DeSantis Warns Florida Businessmen Not to Fall for Cuban Regime Scam

DeSantis advierte a empresarios de Florida no caer en la estafa del régimen cubano que pide inversiones privadas

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Governor Ron DeSantis ordered a Florida government agency to warn private entrepreneurs not to fall for the Cuban regime’s scam and its call for Americans to invest on the island.

DeSantis stressed that the Cuban regime has devised a new scheme: asking U.S. residents to invest in the ‘private sector’, but in Cuba, citizens have no property rights and all companies are state-owned, DeSantis said.

The Republican leader ordered the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and Enterprise to issue an alert warning Floridians not to allow the Cuban communist regime to steal their money.

DeSantis stressed that Cuban citizens have no means to benefit from investments to improve their circumstances, and all Floridians who might be considering investing in Cuba’s so-called private sector should be aware that their money will inevitably end up in the dictatorship’s pockets.

In the same vein, Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez, who is of Cuban origin, stated that the same regime that robbed Cubans, like their parents, of their livelihoods, is now desperately begging Americans to invest on the island.

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