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Destination USA: 68,000 Venezuelans Have Crossed the Darien This Year

Destination USA: 68,000 Venezuelans have crossed the Darien this year

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David Smolansky, commissioner of the Organization of American States (OAS), informed that between January and August, 68,000 Venezuelans crossed the Darien jungle in search of new opportunities.

Through his Twitter account, Smolansky explained that the figure for August alone is approximately 23,000 Venezuelan migrants.

“With the 23,000 Venezuelan migrants who crossed the Darien in August, there are already 68,000 in total who have crossed this jungle from January to August of this year. ‘It’s hell on earth,’ as one survivor of that crossing told me. People are still fleeing the country,” the commissioner said.

David Smolansky warns about Venezuelans crossing the Darien

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) considers that the 5 countries with the most serious migratory crises are Venezuela and Ukraine, with 6.8 million migrants each; Syria, with 6.6 million; Afghanistan, with 2.7 million, and South Sudan, with 2.3 million.

Regarding this, Smolansky said in an August 30 message, “I have culminated consultations with the UN response platforms for Syria and Ukraine. It’s official: Venezuela is the world’s largest migrant and refugee crisis (6.8 million), tying Ukraine and surpassing Syria (6.6M).”

Of these countries, Venezuela is the only one that is not facing armed conflict. However, the humanitarian crisis continues to be a reason for fleeing the country.


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