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DHS-led International Operation Catches 66 Online Child Predators in Latin America

Nueva York, El American

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An international police operation left 66 people arrested in several countries, charged with downloading and possession of images with child sexual exploitation content, judicial sources in Argentina, where the largest number of arrests took place, informed in a press release.

After a series of simultaneous searches carried out simultaneously in different countries, the so-called Operation Luz de infancia IX led to the arrest of 30 people in Argentina, 26 in Brazil, 5 in Paraguay, 2 in the United States, 2 in Ecuador, and one in Costa Rica, although the sources pointed out that these numbers may increase as the operation develops.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the City of Buenos Aires, the operation was initiated by the Department of Homeland Security of the United States and the National Secretariat of Public Security of Brazil, which used software to capture information on users who download and share material with child sexual exploitation content.

“Thanks to the training provided in the Child Protection System that takes place every year, organized by the Department of Homeland Security of the United States, agents of the Judicial Investigations Corps of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of the City (of Buenos Aires) were able to be trained in the matter and obtain access to the system that allowed them to access the files categorized with child sexual exploitation content,” a statement from the Buenos Aires Public Prosecutor’s Office informs.

“We are committed to attacking the entire cycle of child sexual exploitation: from the production of the prohibited material to its eventual distribution, commercialization and even mere possession,” said the Attorney General, Juan Bautista Mahiques.

“And in the case of finding a production of images, the situation would be aggravated because the possibility of abuse would immediately begin to be investigated, with even greater penalties in addition to the previous ones,” he specified.

In Argentina, the operation was made possible by the coordinated work of the various national security forces and the capital city.

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