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Tennessee’s Washington County Orders Dismantling of Bitcoin Mining Center

central de Minería de Bitcoin

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In Tennessee, Washington County authorities have ordered local power company BrightRidge to shut down its Bitcoin mining facility within 30 days following noise complaints.

BrightRidge confirmed in a statement that Washington County informed it of the decision, which was voted on anonymously, as the Bitcoin mining power plant would apparently be in violation of the County’s zoning laws.

Washington County Commissioner Kent Harris said the commercial operation of a Bitcoin mining center by a private company, Red Dog Technologies, constitutes a violation of property zoning regulations in Harris County.

According to county officials, the Bitcoin mine’s use of electricity could be enough to power more than 10,000 homes. The entity also accuses BrightRidge of offering Red Dog Technologies a $100,000 incentive to begin operations at its facility.

Prior to establishing the Bitcoin mining center, BrightRidge originally obtained authorization to use a 22-acre property that had recently been converted from agricultural land to agribusiness land, a distinction that allowed it to be used for anything other than farming.

Unfortunately, the company in charge of conducting cryptocurrency mining was accused of violating the county’s property zoning rules. Kent Harris accused BrightRidge of not being completely truthful about its intentions.

“All the commission has said all along that we were misled from the beginning. This was a situation that was sort of pulled over our eyes. We thought it was going to be a solar farm or something for BrightRidge,” Harris said.

In August, BrightRidge had received a notice from the commissioner to either disable the Bitcoin mining center or limit the noise caused by the fans to keep the mining computers cool.

BrightRidge and Red Dog Technologies reported that they were working to reduce the fan noise and “regret that this project, which benefits all BrightRidge customers and the community, has caused concern among neighboring residents.”

Failure to comply with Washington County’s order within 30 days would result in the Committee proceeding with litigation to enforce the removal of the Bitcoin mining facility.

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