Disney Committed to Promoting Gender Ideology, Says Production Coordinator

Allen March argued that children get that information from the media and “there’s a lot of power in that.”

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Allen March, Disney’s production coordinator, said that his team is committed to promoting gender ideology in the company’s stories and characters. He also assured that children get that information in the media, and “there’s a lot of power in that.”

March’s statements were posted on Twitter and came during a company meeting. These are not the first such comments from top entertainment company executives to be published.

Disney Entertainment CEO Karey Burke said earlier this week that at least 50 percent of the company’s characters should represent the LGBTQ community and racial minorities. Burke said her position is because she is the mother of a transgender child and a pansexual child.

“I’m also here as a leader. It got me thinking when I had conversations with my colleagues in open forums and I feel a responsibility to speak not only for myself, but also for them,” Burke said.

Disney in a campaign against Ron DeSantis

The videos have been circulating on social media after Disney released a statement criticizing the parental rights bill passed in Florida by Governor Ron DeSantis, and calling for the measure to be repealed.

However, despite the comments, Governor DeSantis maintained that his administration will make decisions in favor of the citizens and not because of what big companies decide. “We will never allow corporate influence to repeal the substantive rights of parents in our state,” DeSantis said during a press conference.

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